NFQ CLose Protection Officer
NFQ CLose Protection Officer

In the protection of persons field we also conduct a training course for the Slovenian National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) for the Security Bodyguard profession. The training encompasses 130 hours, upon the conclusion of which the candidates are assessed by the examination board, and if successful, they are then professionally qualified as Security Bodyguard. The training program is conducted in cooperation with the publicly accredited Karnika Institute. The training program is regulated by the Ministry of the Interior decree, and the training material has almost in its entirety been prepared by us, at the IBS. The training program is delivered by lecturers and tutors also approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

The training covers:

  • Protection of Persons Security Tactics – 34 hours
  • Armament, Safe Usage of Weapons and Shooting – 22 hours
  • Communication – 10 hours
  • Motor Vehicles Transport of Protected Persons  – 22 hours
  • First  Aid – 8 hours

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TRAINING REQUIREMENTS - To be successful in the program completion, a candidate must attend and complete the program as per its structure, followed by the final assessment. The assessment is done before the examination board qualified to assess and approve the national vocational qualifications according to the provisions of the National Vocational Qualifications Law.

The following is a list of requirements for a candidate to be eligible for the NVQ Security Bodyguard program of 130 hours:

  • A candidate must possess the national professional qualification of the Security Officer
  • A candidate must have at least three years’ working experience in the field of security and protection (private security, the army, the police)
  • A candidate must possess a weapon license
  • A candidate must have finished a vocational secondary school
  • A candidate must possess a B category (as per the EU categories) driver’s licence
  • A candidate must submit a clear criminal records and criminal proceedings check

The course fee is 1.596,00 EUR (exempt from VAT) and it includes the learning materials. It does not include the assessments. Assessment fee is 172, 00 EUR. The course fee is required at least 4 days prior to training commencement.

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