Close Protection Level 3
Working as a Close Protection Operative

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry (QFC) - SIA "approved".

Who is the qualification for?

This qualification is intended for candidates who work or want to work as Close Protection Operatives in the private security industry and require an SIA Licence to Practice.

Who does the qualification cover?

This Licence to Practice qualification allows candidates to learn, develop and practice the skills required for a job as a Close Protection Operative. It consists of three units (Level 3 Working as Close Protection Officer, Level 3 Planning. Preparing and supporting a close protection operation, Level 2 Conflict management within the private security Industry), with a combination of online tests and practical assessment. To achieve the Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry you will need to attend and take two training modules and take and pass an exam.

Close Protection Specialist Module

  • Session 1: Roles and Responsibilities of the Close ProtectionOperative
  • Session 2: Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Session 3: Surveillance Awareness
  • Session 4: Operational Planning
  • Session 5: Law and Legislation
  • Session 6: Interpersonal Skills
  • Session 7: Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing
  • Session 8: Conduct Reconnaissance
  • Session 9: Close Protection Foot Drills
  • Session 10: Route Selection
  • Session 11: Close Protection Journey Management
  • Session 12: Search Procedures
  • Session 13: Incident Management
  • Session 14: Venue Security

Conflict Management

  • Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Session 2: Defusing Conflict
  • Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Session 4a: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection


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